We would like to thank the following individuals for their help in making this project possible. Whether it was walking over Flemish farmers’ fields with me to find locations mentioned in the letters, digging up magazine articles from 1917, providing information and artifacts for the 50th Battalion, or unearthing family photos and stories, their help has been invaluable.

Roos Anckard, Mireille Boizot-Roche, Maurice Boizot, Jacqui Code, Lieve de Nil, Al Judson, Lari Langford, Bob Lelacheur, Bruce Lelacheur, Joan Lelacheur, Philippe Leturcq, The Military Museums (Calgary), André and Odile Morelle, Graeme Playfair, Iain Playfair, Johnny Playfair, Mary Playfair, James Rankin, Dick “Red” Roach, Annick Vandenbilcke


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Phil Playfair
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Peter Quinsey, Jon Sharkey
Project Coordinator
Trish O’Reilly
Letter Transcription and Annotations
Trish O’Reilly
Genealogical Research
Donna Gage
Additional Annotations
Marie-Claude Rochon
French Translation
Marie-Claude Rochon (coordinator), Jean Trépanier
French Copy Editing
Mireille Boizot-Roche, Nicolas Calvé, Marie-Claude Rochon


We in no way profess to be experts in the First World War or in military or social history. For the most part, we have attempted to let the documents speak for themselves. Where we have speculated or guessed, we have done so as a form of thinking out loud. We welcome all civilized comment and input.

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