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18th September, 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

We move this afternoon again and I am wildly excited at the prospect. One feature of this business which appeals to me is the moving. This will be the fourth shift and always to a different place. So long as the weather is fine it is great but I can easily imagine it being mighty wearisome when its wet and muddy but now its great.

This morning I went down to see the Paymaster and he told me that my affair, he understood, was cut and dried, and seemed quite certain of it. The chiefest thing is that I was issued with a new pack enclosing a new British warm two pairs of socks, and a pair of braces. Also two perfectly good shoe brushes. At that I discovered or almost discovered where my old pack is. Jimmie Graham tells me that he can find it – intact. So I will be ahead this new stuff. I had lunch with Charley Holmes and then walked home – a small chore

There is divil the toto on me at present and I am getting the smell of creosole out of my nose but my back is pretty raw. Its good toto medicine creosole – but it’s wise to take it often and little

I had a cute little card from Madame Head to-day also my good letter from you. My Dear, you are the most wonderful Sweetheart in the world, you are perfect and you write me perfect letters. I am mad about you, my angel, now and toujours. And I could want you to take me in your arms and baby me a little. Its twenty one days since I have had any attention and I am in sore need of some. And I am certain that my hair is all falling out – the bully diet is doing it I suppose. To-day I have ordered a bottle of brilliantine “sans cela je perderai mes cheveux” Is that spelled right?

I’m absolutely tickled to pieces at the prospect of your staying in France. Its just great and it is what I have hoped so hard for. I think that those two ladies, Mesdames Grassal and Head, are kin to the “Little People”. Honest. I do. And besides I just know that I can get leave ever so much sooner if it is to France. I hope though, that it doesn’t get lonesome for you but you won’t, will you? I’m just as happy as I can stick over it all, Dearest.

Sweetheart, if I haven’t already told you that I worship you today I have missed out the principal part. Because I do you know Mary, ever so much.

Ton mari


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Weather Fine. Wind North West. Hours of training same; devoted to section and Company Training.

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  • Location: Gouy-Servins
  • Battalion role: Rest

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