Original Letter

France. 20th Sept. 1917.

My Dearest Maidie:–

Une autre belle jour is upon us (I know that is rotten French) anyway it’s a grand day. This is a good place. There is a shell hole quite adjacent from which we draw our water supply and in consequence we are clean and sweet. In addition there is a bath quite close and we can get a bath frequently. So far as material comfort is concerned we are mighty well off. But material comfort is a small item I want only to be with you and I can never be comfortable until I am. Last night I had a horrible dream. You were here with me and I thought that we were going to be shelled. I was making frantic ineffectual efforts to get you away, but there you stayed. Fortunately I wakened before anything happened. I have not been dreaming very much lately. I am generally too tired to dream. I suppose that my bed is too comfortable – perhaps too many feathers in my pillow!

I think that I must be very lucky for since I joined on the end of August we have had a snap and our lines have been cast in pleasant places. And so far as work is concerned I have a much easier time than in Rouen. The hours are very uncertain – last night for instance, I was up four times but I find no trouble going to sleep again – a chance is all I need, but I haven’t yet been so comfortable that I am not glad to get up in the morning.

Sweetest of Maidie’s I worship you to-day and I just am in transports over your good little picture. Its great Sweetheart. I have sneaked a little kiss off it on the sly. I want you a lot to-day, Baby

Your own


War Diary

Training carried on including wire cutting at night. The Brass Band of 25 pieces arrived from England. Major R.B. EATON left for three months leave to CANADA.

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  • Location: Alberta Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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