Original Letter


24th September, 1917.

My Own Dearest:

Another move to-day – a short little comfortable little move and now we are snugly ensconced in [a] cute little home just big enough for three of us. Its a half round effect and is like living in a barrel. My pen has gone dry so I must needs take to the trusty crayon. The move was a success Turk, Miller and myself took a short cut – what Turkey doesn’t know about this vicinity isn’t discovered yet – and we had frequent rests. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the walk. I was awfully sorry to leave that good place we were in but this doesn’t look too bad and its very convenient. Right at this very second the place is rammed crammed full of people and it isn’t so very easy to write but little things like that do not worry me any more.

The thing that I wanted chiefly to tell you is that I adore you to-day, My Dearest, but I do not seem to find words easily to express it. Why should it be like that? These days I feel sure I have a bigger better appreciation of you than ever before and yet when I try to write it to you – why I’m tongue tied. I just love you though. Baby, I do nothing else and you do know it don’t you.

We didn’t get mail to-day. These moves seem to upset the service which seems good but to-morrow will bring a double supply. I watch for nothing else but the mail nowadays. I must close Sweetheart. I’m threatened with getting busy. With all my love.

Your own Ross

War Diary

Training as usual in the forenoon and afternoon Companies alternated between the range and tapes. In the evening a Battalion Concert was held, which GENERAL HILLIAM and Staff attended.

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  • Location: Alberta Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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