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My Dearest:–

Say, Bubbsy, what have you done to me? This morning when I got up, I went for breakfast feeling pretty low. I drank a cup of hot water before eating and on my way back to my dugout I was congratulating myself that I was better. I went in to the old hole and immediately got sick and catted! Since that though I do feel absolutely right. But it looks like a sign to me. Tout de suite I shall overhaul my pretties. Ferris you’ve put me on the bum.

The weather is gorgeous but I shall be glad when we move from this place. Probably I dislike it because I’ve been feeling off colour ever since we came here – it hasn’t been very busy excepting at night. It used to urge me that idea of getting up out of bed to attend to some fiddling thing but it seems quite natural now. This morning I was up at five doing a bit of work that took me about half an hour. After I finished I went back to my blanket But I didn’t need any more sleep and I dreamed waking dreams of you. They were good little dreams too, Dear. I did not try to pretend that you were here with me – that would be the dirt asking you to sleep in a very dirty, very stuffy dugout with a very inadequate supply of bedding. But I pretended that I was down there with you and that I was in your arms and had just wakened up and realized that I was in your arms and I gave myself lots of good little thrills. But its pretty hard to have the good visions in these surroundings. But I love you Dearest, and my surroundings cannot influence that. Your mari


War Diary

Working parties as usual. Lewis Gun and Rifle Grenade Classes in afternoon. Divine service in the afternoon. Officers on reconnaissance. CASUALTIES. 1 O.R. Died of Wounds.

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  • Location: Blue Bull Camp (Zouave Valley)
  • Battalion role: Front

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