Original Letter

France 4/10/17

My Dearest Mary:–

We did another little move this morning and tonight I am quite comfortably tired and ready for the hay when hay time arrives. I did not get to bed last night until three and was constantly disturbed until 5.30 when it was time to get up. That sounds ghastly, doesn’t it, but it wasn’t anything – it was great – and this morning I wasn’t a bit sleepy – once I had got up. I cantered off to my shell-hole and had a good old wash and shave. I washed my feet and changed my socks. I generally try and do this any time we are going walking. It was a great morning – when we started  but it got rather windy until at the finish we were shoving a sixty mile an hour ahead of us  When we finally arrived I was glad to get my pack off. There is a possibility of a move perhaps a long one and do not be worried if my letters are delayed and irregular. Moving even short ones, plays hob with the service but I do not know how it will be on a long one  probably the mail service for two or three days will be very erratic. But anyway we will be here to-morrow. Its very fascinating this moving. The news is good these days, don’t you think, and I rather think that Fritz is having a very thin time of it one way and another. But I hope it keeps right on getting a lot thinner for him.

It was a surprise to hear that Geordie was over here. I hope she likes it and why shouldn’t she, down in there, in the best part of the best country in God’s world. I am strong for France and the French. God bless them.

The news from Jennie is awful and I hope that it is not true or at least that the M.O. is wrong  Poor little kid – it is pretty tough sledding. Tommy sent me word to come and see him the other day but it is pretty hard for me to get away any time I like so I couldn’t go. I wonder if he had heard from Jennie and wanted to give me his news or if he had some other idea.

My Dear, I think that the pigs at your farm are proper rips. Never did I hear of such goings on.

It is getting on for bedtime and I am sleepy as I can stick – just as sleepy as a pig. So I am going to tell you that I love you and I do you know – a lot – and then I want to be taken and in a minute I’ll be asleep. And please don’t let me out of your arms all night

Your own Ross

War Diary

Weather showery. .... Working parties increased by 40. Training as usual in the afternoon. Officers and N.C.O’s reconnaissance as usual. Casualties NIL.

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I cantered off to my shell-hole and had a good old wash:


  • Location: Estrée-Cauchie
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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