Original Letter

France 6•10•17

My Own Dearest:–

Curse this shifting about. It has its good features – relieves itching feet and satisfies the wander hunger of the Rolling Stone but no mail develops and I suppose it upsets my letters to you. We have been comfortable here but we’re for the road again tomorrow I understand. There is a little place just behind the Orderly Room where they sell eggs and chips and cafe au lait, and we have been cleaning up on the old family egg. It has rained un petit peu and has not been very agreeable. The reason I haven’t enjoyed it though is because the mail service is uncertain and a day when I do not get a letter from you, why on that date and day I am no fit company for man or beast  We have a perfectly good fireplace here but we have little or no luck getting fuel for it. Occasionally someone finds the odd box and brings it in. There is joy in Israel then for a few minutes. I held back some bad news for a day or so. Leave was s topped a week ago but we have just been notified that it opens again on the ninth so everything is all right again. I do not know whether my dope re our long hike is right or not. It is only a hunch you know, any way, but it may come off.

Dearest, I love you love you love you to-day and I don’t want anything in the world but to be with you, to love you and to be loved forever to the end of the world  That’s what I want and that’s what I shall have before so very long  Commend me to the Mesdames Grassal and Head and to anyone else who will listen. Au revoir Dearest. À demain  Your own Ross

Operation Order

The 50th Battalion will move from their present location to OLHAIN to-morrow October 7th, 1917... STARTINGPOINT. will be the Cemetery N.W. of ESTREE CAUCHIE.

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War Diary

Weather Showery. Wind North West. Day spent in clothing parades, pay, cleaning up and lectures.

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  • Location: Estrée-Cauchie
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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