Original Letter

October 14th 1917.

My Own Dearest:

Yesterday I did duly reçu my enormous great parcel and we had a beautiful wallow. The pouch was great just what I have been wanting and the walnuts and apples were a grand treat and we ate all afternoon and were very glad a whole lot. It was awfully good of you, Dearest, to send me the parcel and thanks. Most particularly thanks for the little present which was “on the socks, but not in them”. I have put it in the very safest place and shall never, never lose it. You are the grandest most thoughtful Sweetheart that ever was and I adore you, mon ange. The apples and walnuts were gorgeous and we all of us enjoyed them so much. I never did see such big walnuts.

We are still ‘resting’ and it is most comfortable here and I could enjoy a week or more here but I expect that we shall be on our way in a day or two at the longest  But it is a lovely place and I have not too much to do. I have had two or three meals of eggs and chips that have been feasts. My appetite is awfully keen. I didn’t tell you about an incident which occurred on our last march. It was getting to two o’clock and we hadn’t eaten since six. At a halt Miller reached through a hedge and pulled a turnip. When we started again he peeled it and Turk and Miller and myself ate it. And as I live I never tasted anything so good. I was ravenous. And that’s a chronic state.

I haven’t heard anymore from Bill Leicester. I suppose they are probably on the move somewhere. We both of us got here at a good time.

There is another letter in from the AAG about my return – an ultimatum. I go back – Clark goes or one of us relinquishes the appointment. It is still undecided. I shall let you know tomorrow.

Dearest of Babies I am madly in love with you today. I worship you every minute. I just want to take you in my arms and never let you go again. Au revoir for the instant

Your own Ross

War Diary

Clean up and inspection under Coy. arrangements. Billets scattered over considerable area. Many sore feet.

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