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My Own Dearest:–

I have been plotting all day to try and find some way of getting a quiet corner to write you as I should like to but it is impossible – there is no other place and this must answer my needs. I remember you used to write me from England sometimes and say you found it hard to write for the ‘clacking’ in the room. Lately it has been getting worse and we are in a very noisy place here – the big lorry load not to exceed five tons – the bus – the motor car and the French farm wagon go racketing by in hundreds. This sounds like complaining – as if I were getting irritable and I’m not au contraire. But when I want to write to you I want to be in a place where I can dream a little but – you know what I mean.

The plot is now that we shall move in the very early morning to-morrow – and probably Turkey and I will be up more or less all the night. I hope then to find time to write you again. There are so many things I should tell you. Chiefly I want to tell you how much I love you. I have told you that often and often, I know, Dear but I always want to tell you a lot more. You are all my life every bit of me and it surprises me how little interest I have in any one or anything else in the world. You are perfect Maidie, and you have made my life perfect. And it is a very wonderful thing to love and be loved. It is the only thing in the world. Nothing else matters. The pity of it is that I did not clearly realise this years ago – it came to me – well you remember me telling you about it. But I have always loved you, ever since I very first saw you and I always wanted you Sweetheart, but I have never loved you more or wanted to be with you more than I do right now. You are a blessed Sweetheart. I adore you and I long only for the day when I shall be in your arms.

Dearest au revoir

Your mari


Operation Order

The 50th Battalion will be prepared to move from present location on 21st inst. probably at about 6.00 A.M. and will proceed either by train or motor lorries to the new area...

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War Diary

Thirty Officers and Other Ranks lorried to POPERINGHE to study a ground plan of the new front. ... Conference of Officers at Battalion Headquarters. Lieut. A.J. SLADE proceeded on leave.

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