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19th September, 1917.

My Dearest Mary:-

Every little detail is good to-day. We are in a perfectly belle place – at least it has been gorgeous once – the hills are still here still and the grass has grown up and covered a world of desolation. The day is bright and clear and the air is full of things interesting If I didn’t have work to do I should get a stiff neck looking up in the air these days. Our new quarters are most comfortable far and away the best yet and if I must be in this thing I would sooner stay here until the end than any place I have seen yet. We are in a perfectly new hut and we has tables and chairs and the Pioneers made me a real bed – chicken wire – To-night I shall have a real sleep. I am enthusiastic to-day – its less an effort here than it used to be in Rouen in the days before–Before. But the only thought that I wax really excited and enthusiastic about is the thought of being with you, my Own. We had such a beautiful time together this summer. It seemed like Heaven then and now I know that it was really Heaven. Isn’t it queer that a man like I am – just an ordinary everyday sort of guy, should have had the luck I have had. First having the wonderful luck to have your love and then when everything looked blackest and almost hopeless having you come to France and then! And, Dearest, I just know that our luck is in the ascendant. I scarcely believe that anything could be better than our holiday this summer. But even then there was always the thought of parting again to worry us. The next time, I am sure, will be for always because the days of this war are numbered. To-day I feel more confident of that than ever. The papers are full of peace talk and its certain to finish this year. Don’t you hope it may? If my odd little prayer counts any its a cynch. There isn’t the tiniest little bit of fun for me away from you, every thought I have is centred in you. I just want to go right off to you this minute and ‘be taken’. Nothing matters when I am with you – the whole world could go to pieces around me and it wouldn’t worry me. In your arms – well its far better than Paradise. There is going to be a base ball match to-night H.Q. and one of the companies. Maybe I will get a place but it doesn’t matter very much.

Dearest, I adore you to-day absolutely with all my heart and soul–

Your own


Operation Order

The 50th Canadian Battalion will relieve the 87th Canadian Battalion in ALBERTA CAMP to-day the 19th inst. ... ROUTE. ABLAIN ST. NAZAIRE ROAD – CHATEAU DE LA HAIE – CARENCY. ... The Transport Officer will arrange transportation for the Battalion. All Officers Baggage, Canteen Stores etc. will be ready for Transportation by 11.00 A.M.

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War Diary

In the morning P.T. and Inspections in the afternoon. The Battalion moved to ALBERTA CAMP, near CARENCY. Capt. A.T. LOWES returned from 1st Army School.

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Pioneers: Pioneers: Rouen: Rouen: Rouen: Rouen: Rouen:


  • Location: Alberta Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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