Original Letter


8th November, 1917.

My Dearest Maidie:–

Our good mail service has had a rip up the back somewhere for I didn’t get any mail yesterday either. I think perhaps I don’t like this farm as well as I did. It has some good features though and one is the HQ Sergeants Mess. Since coming here we have become very exclusive and have established a mess for the HQ Sergeants – only eight or nine of us and eggs with our bacon in the morning are already a matter of course  Its bon as long as the five francs we each contributed lasts but afterward I can see a speedy return to army rations – which are in no ways to be despised. Once a week – Sundays – we get a cigarette tobacco and match issue consisting of two packets of cigarettes, a package of tobacco and two boxes of matches  These are contributed by various funds in Canada and are highly acceptable. We also get good socks issued from time to time by the Canadian Field Comforts Commission so you see they look after the soldat Canadien to the King’s taste

Miller is providing us with a world of amusement these days. He is letting himself get very blue and depressed and pessimistic. He is not twenty yet and had nine months in the line and wounded twice before he came into the Orderly Room. At present he is sitting back in his chair cap down over one eye and arms folded a most forlorn cast of countenance, declaring that if we are winning his nose is a bayonet. He is the direct opposite of Turk who is undistressed no matter what turns up. Every time he goes in the line he says that he hope[s] the biggest shell Fritz has got hits him right on the head. He is utterly reckless in his talk and is just the same under any circumstances. He is not exactly morose but never seems glad or mad no matter what turns up. He is a mystery.

I wonder if you love me to-day my Mary. I don’t really wonder – I know perfectly well you do but I like to ask you, you know. I like it pretty well when you say that you love me more than I love you even if it isn’t true. I love you a lot Sweetheart, and want you. I’m just weary with wanting you. Your own


War Diary

Reveille at 6.30 A.M. and Training as usual by Coys. and Special Classes. Route marches by the Companies in the afternoon. Band played at Battalion Headquarters. Lieut. DENLEY proceeded on leave.

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Canadian Field Comforts Commission:


  • Location: CaŽstre
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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