Original Letter


Nov. 10

My Dearest Mary:–

This is our last night in ye old barn for to-morrow we are on the road for another hike – to-morrow may be no letter will be written. And in all probability we will be up at a very early hour – four o’clock is the present dope – isn’t that great. It will be great to be up rambling around getting properly wakened up so as to be in the proper frame of mind to greet the rising dawn. Its getting to be quite some time since I have been in bed at sunrise. Although we do not ordinarily get up very early in the morning. Reveille is always blown quite early but unless our bed happens to be more than usually uncomfortable we don’t pounce up on the first note. There is always a signaller on duty and I arrange with him either before going to bed or during the night if anything develops about getting called. So that frequently we pull an extra half hour. Of course sometimes we have such a bed already that reveille comes as a welcome relief – but not now so much as I’m a seasoned campaigner.

There hasn’t been anything startling to-day – no mail – damn it! I don’t care about papers. they make me sick these days. But the worst feature is that perhaps for two or three days pas de mail! Mais. C’est la guerre! Dearest, I do love you to-day – that’s the big theme always that’s all I do all the time, you know  Everything else is only background. the real thing is loving you. Why, Dear I adore you je t’adore!

Your own


War Diary

... all parades cancelled on account of heavy rains. Lectured to all men in tents. CONGRATULATIONS received...from H.R.H.The Duke of Connaught. “Heartiest congratulations great success Canadian Corps. PASSCHENDAELE RIDGE. Hope losses have not been too heavy.”

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  • Location: Caëstre
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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