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13th Nov. 17

My Dearest Maidie:–

I haven’t written you for ages and I just feel like rotten hell over it. Our move involved two days and did not involve a billet during that period. I wrote you that we would probably be leaving at 4:00 am. the next morning. It was changed the night before and Reveille was at two o’clock and we shifted at three! Its kind of dreary getting up at two but we had a good breakfast and it wasn’t so very dismal. But it was kind of spooky poking along the road in the dark of the morning. No one feels very chirpy and of course there isn’t any singing or joking much – that comes with the day. Its the first time that I haven’t had time to wash and shave in the morning – nobody had – and I felt incredibly dirty  About eleven though we stopped long enough to manger and I had a perfectly good clean up in a bit of a slough. To-night we are back in our previous stamping ground again but not in our own place that we built. We have a little house not quite high enough to stand in just about the size of the washroom in my room at Madame Desdouits. It was all built when we came. It is dug down in the earth like a cellar about three feet and then a wall of sand bags about two feet above that and covered with corrugated iron. The door is a blanket and the little stove has been installed  The only disagreeable thing about it is the water. The floor is very marshy and we have it covered with ‘bath mat’ – a slat walk effect – even at that it has to be baled out morning and night and the Sgt. who vacated to-day when we moved in said he had to get up in the night and bale but that was when it was raining  To me it looks like a good cosy home. I know that you would die laughing at the places we sleep and live in. But we are all quite seriously pleased at this last place  Nobody thinks much of this place but I think that it is great although there are angle worms on our floor three and four inches long. Turkey declares that in a month or two he will turn into a gopher.

Rumour says that we will get mail to-morrow but I can’t think it possible. Always when we move we lose out on the mail proposition. The last letter I wrote I posted in a little Field Ambulance Post Office the morning we left. Our own goes out of action as soon as a move threatens.

I gleaned a bit of dope to-day which may or may not be useful later on. Leave up to eight days in France will not count as a regular leave – I do not know that it is worth anything as anyway I intend trying for fourteen days. But its information. Sweetheart, do you truly love me to-day? – love me, love me, hard? I could enjoy being really loved to-night and babied for I’ve been tramping around for two days and I just want to settle down and be quiet for a good long time. Nice old quiet Louviers! It scarcely seems possible that it really exists. I think of our stay there – our honeymoon – always and I hone for it again often, but always, Dear, I hone for you. Your own


War Diary

In Divisional Support. Occasional shelling and bombing by planes throughout the day. No training possible as ground too congested and moreover too muddy. Working party of 6 Officers and 300 Other Ranks.

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  • Location: Potijze
  • Battalion role: Support

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