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14th Nov. 1917.

My Dearest:-

We are all settled again, established and everything is running on greased wheels. A runner has just arrived and there will be mail to-day, so I am going to like this place. My opinion of any place is based on the mail service there, not on the mud or the way Fritz treats it. For if I am getting your letters I have something better to think of than mere physical discomforts. I saw a phrase the other day “war is months of boredom with moments of intense fright”  I daresay that it gets that way after a while – I mean the boredom part of it, the latter part is certain. But the only times I have been bored are when I haven’t been getting letters or when I couldn’t write  The night before last when sleeping in a little bivouac I could have been bored but I was too tired. Getting up a t two o’clock and trudging quite a bit makes one too weary to enjoy or to indulge in the luxury of being bored. But I cannot agree with Amoureux that one is too busy to think of love, on the contrary I find that I think far harder. It seems harder to express things to put thoughts on paper perhaps but this is true that I have loved you very hard since I came here. You are always with me in my thoughts Dearest under all circumstances.

If I can get time I shall write you again to-night but it is impossible to promise two hours ahead in this game. Its full of surprises and we might be moving by night  And so for the moment, I shall say au revoir. With all my love, Dearest

Your own Ross

War Diary

Weather Misty and Damp. In Divisional Support. Reconnaissance by Officers, including O.C. and 2nd i/c. Slight shelling and a couple of visits from enemy planes with bombs. ... Casualties. 7 Other Ranks wounded.

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  • Location: Potijze
  • Battalion role: Support

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