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23rd Nov. 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

Say Baby don’t you ever get letters from me? I swear that I do write letters at least every so often but they never do seem to get through. I have had a letter to-night and still you haven’t had a letter! My Sweetheart! – I haven’t missed writing very often, but I know that our mail service is on the blink especially during the stormy times of the last three weeks. For things have been humming with us these times with us, and it is not so strange if things get mixed up. But your letters seem to get through to me at least fairly regularly and I can’t see why my letters do not reach you. Today I got up at seven thirty – imagine staying in bed until seven thirty? – and cleaned and shined until nearly eight thirty. Then I had to get on the job and at ten o’clock – the first minute I had  I went out for breakfast. This is a real city and there is a restaurant two doors away – and I went in there with Miller and had eggs and bread and cafe au lait. This afternoon I am going to have a bath and a change of underwear. I am not so sure that I am free from puce. I have been itchy lately but can’t locate any thing – anyway I shall welcome a bath. This is a big town, but not so very attractive – just the same its good to get into a respectable place once in a while to get the pitch combed out of one’s hair and liven up a little. For instance it is quite a while since I had my food at a table and I find it a little strange.

Bill Leicester was very slightly wounded when in the line not enough to make him leave his unit but I hear that when they came out his M.O. sent him for a rest. I have been trying hard to locate him but I do not know just where he is. Lord, I was glad to hear that he was well out of that neck of [the] woods, it was no good healthy place and Bill is so long – !

There is an awful bunch of work to get through here and I aim to get everything into pretty good shape while we are here  At the same time just as soon as we are rested and settled I think that we shall take it pretty easy, see the country and take advantage of the rest

Now, Dearest, please get a lot of the rotten letters I have written you and don’t think that I am not writing you [or that I don’t love you]. For I am doing both the latter of course more consistently than the first. I am very sure that at this very minute I love you more than you love me  I have taken soundings felt my pulse and synchronised my watch and I find that I love you more than I ever did  Do you love me as much as that do you think? I just perfectly well know that you do mon ange. I can scarcely wait for the day when we shall be together again – the time – the actual days go quickly and yet it seems awfully long since I left you – I know that it won’t be so long before I see you again. With all my love, Dear.

Your own


War Diary

6.30 A.M. Reveille and Sectional Training from 8.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. Lewis Gun and Rifle Grenade and Bombing Classes started, Inspection of all Billets by Commanding Officer. ... Reinforcements of 21 Other Ranks taken on strength.

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Bill Leicester: Bill Leicester:


  • Location: Bruay
  • Battalion role: Rest

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