Original Letter


25th Nov. 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

I am bathed, in clean clothes and have a really truly bed to sleep in to-night. I just naturally feel riotously clean. It is a grand bath here as big as a skating rink and beautifully arranged. It is not a hit and miss military here tomorrow and gone to-day establishment but a permanent structure of concrete and iron with lashings of hot water and privacy  It is really for the employees of the mine but we are allowed to use it as well. I stayed there for nearly half an hour scrubbing and scraping. Then afterwards when I got into my clean clothes I very gingerly gathered up my old ones and carried them to the Q.M. Stores. Then the Interpreter arranged for a room for me and I shall be clean for the time we are here any way. The mail is just in and there isn’t any for me. Now why is that? It doesn’t seem such a good class of day as it did a few minutes ago.

I haven’t seen my room yet but Monsieur l’Interpret says that it is very comfortable. I have to pay for it myself 5 pence per day, it seems cheap enough too. It looks as if I would not see much of it except to sleep in as we are going to be mighty busy from the way things are shaping  But I should worry. Here I sit at a nice round table with a cover before an open fire place in a room with windows with curtains and a clean tiled floor – well I can’t see where I am so badly off. Sweetest do you know that every nerve in me is humming with love of you to-day? that I worship you? and that I just want to take one long spring and land beside you? I am just wild about you, Dearest of Babies  To-morrow I shall tell you about my room and about my good place here. À demain, Dearest. Your own Ross

War Diary

Weather Misty. Wind North West. 9.00 A.M. Inspection of all Billets and Transport Lines. 10.00 A.M. Divine Service in Theatre. Capt. A.F. PRINGLE is transferred to “D” Coy. and assumes command.

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  • Location: Bruay
  • Battalion role: Rest

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