Original Letter


                        29th Dec. 1917


My Own Dearest:–

Just an odd little note as we are on the wing again in a few minutes. Every thing is packed up and I don’t know if I shall get an envelope for this. If I don’t – well I’ll send it open. I shall probably be out of luck for a letter from you for a day or two and I hate the thought of it. I need your letters more than ever these days, I think. I love you Sweetheart and your letters are all of you I have.

Turk and I are both going in and we have made pretty good plans to be as comfortable as possible. There is the odd tin of cocoa a little sugar, a blanket sandwiches in where it will never be noticed two suits of louse proof underwear which Miller donated (His donation was made possible by the philanthropy of the Ladies of Jarvis Street Baptist Church. I am much more elated than Turk [there is a change of pencils here to a much lighter one] naturally – (a new attempt with a new pencil). We are going to a good home according to reports and I shall try to write you the good letters, Baby, for after all the only peaceful place is the front and pas de tout dangerous.

Until to-morrow, Sweetheart.

            Your own