Original Letter


                        23rd December 1917


My Very Dearest Maidie:–

There never will be another day like this – while I’m away from you – I got your letter and I got your parcel. Baby, you are an angel – the best of angels – and I am absolutely overwhelmed and then some. Of course, I didn’t wait for Christmas to open it! How could I? I opened it right then and immediately and it was the grandest [of] parcels. Everything in it was just what I wanted – you Sweetheart! I am saving the good eats less one box of dates – until Christmas. I had to eat one box. And we will have a perfectly good wallow. Turkey was delighted with the dragees and the cards. You are the most thoughtful girl in the world. My muffler is a beauty my little dictionaries are perfect and the little diary is the sweetest in the world. I forgot to mention that the cigarettes are not getting saved for Christmas – they are going fast. Thanks ever and ever so much, Dearest, for the parcel. And still another present coming! I don’t see how I can wait a minute longer away from you. I want to fly to you this minute and take you in my arms and hold you tight forever. Just stand there, we two locked in each others arms, unconscious of anything else but that we were together for always! I can almost dream it. We are swaying or seem to be and everything is in a beautiful haze – Well, I’d better waken up and just try to be a little continent. Gosh how I dread it and hate it. But I must really. It just be that H.P. sauce I had on my bully beef yesterday.

What do you think? We have had a competition in the Division for the best Platoon. Yesterday it finished and our Platoon won by 171 points. The G.C. is so pleased over the showing they made that he has granted Paris leave to the whole Platoon! Who wouldn’t be a soldier. Just the same its pretty lucky for them.

Everybody is going to have a good dinner to-morrow and great preparations are in progress. I am enclosing you B Company menu as it is the fanciest of the lot. The Sergeants are having their dinner at night and I expect that we shall all get quite merry. I am quite sincere in saying that I dread getting lit up – but its a poor heart that never rejoices. I want to have my Christmas dinner with you somewhere, any where, just we two or with hundreds of people but I did so want to be with you, but I will be one day before very long. I hope. I am so excited that I am getting mixed but how can I be anything else with all the luck I have?

I wonder if you can guess how much I love you to-day Brighteyes? Of course you can’t ­– its too big for any one to guess. I think that I weigh about 175 pounds and every ounce of me every atom is just quivering with love of you and pride in you. And every bit of me just longs for you. You are so wonderful, Dearest so perfect in every way and I am so proud of you with cause. You are just ten million times nicer than I can even imagine and I worship you. I wish you could give me a million kisses right now. I wouldn’t dream of peeking around to see who was looking. Dearest of Sweethearts I love you always have and always shall.

            Your own