Original Letter


                        1st January 1918


My Own Dearest Mary qui j’aime:–

Happy New Year! and the paupers answered something that one of my numerous New Year resolutions prevent[s] me from writing saying or thinking. The only real big resolution I have made and probably the only one of the lot that I shall keep is to love you more and be nicer to you in 1918 than ever any body loved or was – I am getting mixed but you can grasp my resolution. The first part of it goes without saying that is inevitable. I always keep loving you more and more each day but there is lots of room for improvement in the last part. I never have been nice enough to you but I am going to try to be nicer to you in 1918. You watch.

My other resolutions are not even worthy of comment – just the usual silly things that one never keeps.

Last night I got your glorious old letter written on Christmas Day. I was going out for an airing with the Adjutant and I was mortally scared the mail wouldn’t arrive before I had to go. But the old mail service was never better and I just devoured your letter. You Dearest I am just head over heels in love with you.

I am glad that you had a merry time Christmas Day. It was great too that you were able to put out the lights when every one had gone to bed. Was it your temperance or your capacity  no rub that last line out it isn’t fair. I remember distinctly going to bed on Christmas night but I sang a song in the mess without hesitation so my plight must have been pitiable. And the next day I was a wreck. Your Christmas tree must have been gay. Its great being in a house full of people on a fete day. I’d like to see real folk again.

This dam [the last word is blotted out; intentional cross out? or just a blotty pen??] war has run into five years – isn’t it ghastly? They all laughed at old Kitchener when he said three years. I wonder if he would have believed it possible for it to run four? I don’t think that it will but God only knows.

I had a great mooch around last night and enjoyed myself immensely. We got back at 1230 and Turk made some cocoa and I slept like a top until 630 this morning – P.S. I could have gone right on sleeping until noon but Turk made me get up. The only bad feature about being in here is the lack of exercise and without it I get so fat – !

This morning Turkey before he went to sleep said “When you write to-day wish Mrs Playfair a Happy New Year for me” and he was just exactly like Earl when he used to say anything that he considered sentimental. I love that old Turk.

I love you Babykins – if you come right down to it, I adore you and I am just at my wits end with longing and waiting for you. I wish that you could tie me up the next time we are together and make me stay. I think that you wouldn’t have to make a very tight knot. I just stopped here and dreamed that you were in my arms and that we were having a glorious kiss and I’m breathless. Sweetheart it is weary waiting.

            Your own



[written in the bottom corner:]

Its a good job that I didn’t resolve to be continent. If I had well its bust already.