Original Letter

France, 15th Jany 1918

My Dear:–

To-day is the 15th – the day my application for leave was to have gone in – but what do you think? Yesterday I got so fussed and fidgety over it that I couldn’t wait until the 15th and as ever was I wrote the letter to Brigade asking for it got it signed and away it went! Turk and I made passes over the letter with the rabbits foot. Turk put a new ribbon in the ‘Corona’ and insisted on a new sheet of carbon paper. So its away, Dear, and its followed by my prayers. Turk says that he is going to send five francs down to our Chaplain for a special mass. Its great and last night I couldn’t get to sleep with wondering and planning. At the latest I’ll be leaving here on the 23rd – if the Higher Formations approve and that’s only a week to-morrow and it might be a day or so sooner – and if the H.F. don’t approve! I’ll spoil their war – I don’t know just how but I’ll do something. You can easily see that I’m not excited or anything. I have lots of preparation to make get clothes and a bath! Perhaps I’ll take a hike out to-morrow and get our tailor to fix me a tunic and trousers. I have lost my cap too and can’t very well come to you wearing a steel helmet, now can I? Turk is almost as pleased as I am and is almost excited

I expect, of course, to be allowed to go by Paris and unless the R.T.O. absolutely refuses me I shall go that way. And I don’t think that he cares how I go. Anyway I have to buy my own ticket so what difference can it make?

Now that I am faced with the actual living breathing probability of being with you inside ten days I am – well I just can’t be reasonable that’s all. And why shouldn’t I rave and enthuse when I shall soon be with the grandest little woman ever I ask you why shouldn’t I?

The days will drag now horribly I know but even ten days must pass and maybe it will only be nine or eight! I can’t be patient that’s a certainty. On the 31st we applied for leave in France for one of the men. The leave came through (or the letter) on the 7th and it was to commence on the ninth. If it is the same with me it will give me two clear days to wire you in and even allowing for all the red tape connected with wiring from here that should be ample.

I am not going to try and write any more – its no use I can’t. I love you, Sweetheart, with all my heart and soul. I adore you Angel – are you glad I’m coming

            Your own Ross