Original Letter


                        10th Feby 1918


My Dearest:–

Regarde bien the date! The time I have had getting home you cannot conceive. But I met Charley and Jimmie Parker as per schedule and outside of that nothing went as I expected – the night I left you was of course spent on the train – the next night we slept in a tent and to-night I am only arrived – very dirty very tired and tout a fait homesick for you. That night I left I wanted to dash back and stay with you – I saw you at the window and waved two or three times – I think you only saw me the last time – and it was with mighty little enthusiasm that I pushed on to the Gare du Nord. Of course I arrived all right and in plenty of time – I hoped that I would miss the train – I did!

The moral of my trip back is – never start to travel on a Friday!

I shall write you all about it to-morrow. I am going up in the morning, but may come back here for this tour as the two boys are there now and there is no room for three of us.

I had a letter from Walter waiting for me here with the sad news that Fred died in Tokio this month – about the first – and his body is being brought to Ancaster. Naturally I feel badly – old Doc apart from being my brother was a very perfect gentleman and if he had wished to could have gone far.

To-morrow, Dearest Maidie, I shall give you all my news – to-night I feel rather limp and tired. You have all my love Sweetheart and I know that you love me – so I am happy. Give my very best to everyone at the farm – I shall write to Madame Ruthie to-morrow – tell Baby that I am going to write to her. Dearest I adore you.

            Your own



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