Original Letter

            France, 24-2-18.

My Dearest;

This has been a perfectly good sort of a Sunday. I have been able to do something besides brood. For my face is on the mend. I shaved it all this morning – the swelling has subsided and my cold is quite gone. And then I got two letters from my Best Belovedest! Brooding is off for keeps – its finished – napoo. I feel great – could fight a rattlesnake and give it the first two bites. She loves me and so has declared it in two different letters which I have today received. Someone should take my knife away – I’m going. Jokes barred there is no limit to the way I feel good on this beautiful sunshineful day in February.

Maria’s noce must have been some kind of a celebration. No backing into an arch, getting wed and calmly riding away on the C.N.R. to the strains of “Marching through Georgia” about that. I can easily picture the wedding party “trailing” about Bernay. I used to see them in Rouen and its a heap amusing. Good old Jean! I hope he steals twenty days extra leave and that the war is over before its time for him to go back. If I had waited for peace I would now be sixteen days overdue and worried quite a bit. At that, it would be well worth it. And then if I had neither of us would have been ill – because in my case it was having to leave you made me sick and devil the thing else in the world. And, I would have been there to chase the mouse! Would you have whinged Dear? I think that it was very clever the way you tricked that mouse. Funny we never thought of that scheme when we used to be cursed with them. But nothing would satisfy us but to pursue them to the death. Those mice seem very trivial to me now. There was a rat the last time we were in – well anyway a mouse doesn’t scare me nearly so much as an elephant.

I asked Holmes about how often we got butter – do you remember you asked me or Corborron did? We get it three times per week and biscuits 25% of the time and bread 75%. Since I came back the fare has not intrigued my appetite very much. To-day is the first day that I have been really hungry. We have a mess here and of course we get bread and butter every day.

But what I started out to tell you, Dear, is that I love you to-day – love you a lot. And if we were only in a tunnel again – well I would forget that we were ever coming out. I want to be in your arms again – I don’t want anything else in the world. You are the most perfect Sweetheart ever, Dearest, by far – far and away too good for a wart such as I. But please don’t ever stop loving me a fraction less than you do now. I am awfully selfish and I want an awful lot of love. I adore you, Maidie –

            Ton Ross


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