Original Letter


                        5th March 1918

My Own Dearest:–

Will you talk to me for a minute or a year or forever? anyway for a few minutes or are you too pressé? I shall pull at your sleeve and insist on you listening. You know, you often didn’t listen to me and uncommon good sense you displayed too. Sometimes you did but I’m sure that lots of times I have said for instance “how would it be” and you never heard me – but I don’t remember.

Of course, I want you to go to Nice, Dear. Go everywhere and see everything. The only reason that I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I might have been, should have been, was that I thought you wouldn’t have enough kale, and its flat going broke on leave. I know because I’ve had experience. The next time I go on leave I am going strong and its all going to be in fives. And then I have eighteen francs owing which I have every intention of collecting together with interest at the rate of several per cent, compounded semi-monthly. I’m some kind of a usurer.

Bobby has just opened a parcel from some girl in Canada “to a lonely soldier somewhere in France” – the good socks and a cube of soup. He’s going to make a Business Man’s Lunch – with the soup – and gosh, how we dread it.

I do not think much of your suggestion about the safety razor. I’m strong for a blade – but I am going to acheter some hydrogen peroxide and never more shall I forget or neglect a cut. Just by neglecting the last one I had a serious time and I am through. Anyway you shouldn’t let me be away off here looking after myself. You should have remembered how car[e]less and helpless I am before you sent me off to fight for the country.

Land & Water’ came again to-day and is good as usual – it’s a boon.

We are living as perhaps I told you, in the Maire’s house. The ‘Mairess’ is great and treats us as if we were human beings, gives us coffee on every possible occasion stakes us to hot water for shaving slips us the odd gateau frequently. I shall be desolated to leave here.

Do you love me to-day as much as I love you, Dear? [I think that] you love me an awful lot. I am wild about you, loving you and adoring you every minute. I want to take you in my arms and hold you there forever.

            Your own