Original Letter

France. 14th March, 1918


My Dearest Maidie:–

I am afraid I made an awful hash of writing last night but I was awfully pressé and had nothing to write on but the trusty message book which is an integral part of my kit. Our boxes did not arrive until very late – two hours after I had written  and I was most anxious to get a note of some sort off last night.

A little work last night and a little more this morning has made our abode très comfortable. We have a perfectly good stove going and its throwing out barrels of heat. I wasn’t so very warm in bed last night but I intend to be perfectly jake to-night. Turk being away gives us each the odd extra blanket to play on. Good old Turk. I wish he had twenty eight days leave instead of fourteen.

I had a bit of a prowl around this morning but this ville has been salvaged well and anything worthwhile left is too heavy to carry away. It has been a neat tidy little place once and looking at it from a distance it looks plausible enough yet but on getting close up one finds that it is only a shell – everything is practically blown to flinders – it must have been a cyclone – no ordinary wind could have done so much damage.

Before I forget or lose courage I must tell you the story I heard yesterday. First I shall get a few ashes ready and have them handy so that you can wash out my mouth. A man was applying for exemption and the Chairman was asking him the usual questions. Finally he asked his occupation. The applicant replied that he was a tool hardener. “Exemption refused” said ye Chairman, “any woman could fill your position.” Well, now that I have had my mouth rinsed and said my prayers, of course I know that it is an improper sort of a story.

Do you know – I haven’t the vaguest idea what I was going to ask you if you knew – for just then Corporal William Mackie of the artillery dropped in on me! It was great seeing him and he is going to be quite close – close enough to admit of us seeing each other the day after demain. He looks very big and fit and I wanted to keep him but he was in charge of a party and couldn’t wait. But I am certainly looking forward to having a good jape the day after to-morrow.

Dearest, I am madly in love with you to-day – yesterday always. I never can love you enough. Sweetheart, you are the best lady ever and I just want to tell you so every minute of my days and nights. I adore you and that’s all there is to it. I want you to take me in your arms and tell me that you love me. With all my love

            Your own