Original Letter


                        15th March, 1918


My Own Dearest:–

I had two letters from you last night and one from Geordie. Now I wanted those two letters of yours very badly as I had no letter on the fourteenth and I was triste-full quite a bit. No letter, no pep! thats the way it goes. But no matter what conditions are if I get a letter from you I boil over with energy and enthusiasm want to prosecute the war to a successful conclusion. That sort of thing.

It must be glorious at the farm if you are having the same weather as we are here. I can quite sympathize with the denizens of the clothes line enclosure but, my Dear, who is Henri? It must be great. I’d be dashing out every second – to see if the things hadn’t fallen of[f] the line.

Its great your getting away on leave to Nice – its only a shade over two weeks. It should be a riot if Geordie’s friends are the same type as she is. I hope that you have by far the best time that one man ever told another about and I think that you will. Its a gorgeous prospect.

Madame Batchelor sounds like the kind of a lady who should have a special place all to herself in one’s regard. Do you think that you would like it better with her than on the farm? The farm must get monotonous, Henri & Co. notwithstanding and a change of scene is always attractive. Anyway, My Dear, its up to you. You are a free agent, and a Sweetheart. I have been just busting to tell you that all morning because you are and I love you. You are a wonderful Baby, you know and the thought of you puts a song in my heart toujours. Nothing matters so long as you love me. I must tell you, Dear, about writing when you are on your leave. If you are busy or if at any time it interferes with plans you have for the day don’t bother writing. When you are with a party I am sure that lots of times you will not find time to write and therefore you are not to do it. If you are late getting in and tired just dodge off to bed. Be sure, Dear, that I shall understand, quite. Make it a real holiday do just what you want to do.

Geordie – judging from her letter  has not changed very much since I last saw her. And she is sending me a parcel. God bless her! Miller and Bobbie still gloat over the parcel we sent Turk. “For real solid eats that one passes all” so Miller claims. Does Geordie have to wait four months for leave? She should get leave every three months. Everybody should get leave every month. I am only back a month and a week yet I have been wanting leave ever since the day I started back. Leave is going awfully good these days. We have sent more in the past two weeks than we ever sent in a month before. Its great for those who are getting it but its over ‘four’ months for me. If all the ‘Daily Mail’ says is true this Western Front is going to see some ‘diddings’ [?] this spring. I expect it will see Herr Fritz get his needings. I am quite sure it will. And the sooner its over the sooner to sleep. This business of jumping up in the middle of dinner ——.

Dearest, I am head over heels in love with you to-day. I want to play with you, wander off in the fields and the bois in the sunshine and live and love with you. I want a great big long kiss – weeks long.

            Your own Ross