Original Letter


                        1st April, 1918.

My Own Dearest:–

I am well pleased with myself and with the world in general to-day for did I not get a letter from you – a goodly letter filled with love. Its a good kind of a day when I get a letter. You are an angel, Dear – I hope that you don’t mind my saying so? These last days more than ever I have needed your letters for there has been more or less fuss and hurry and only your letters can soothe me when I am tired or worried. But four letters yesterday and one to-day have cured me – I haven’t a care in the world, and the outlook has never been brighter – as a matter of strict fact it never has been – that is the way every one here feels about it. Won’t it be gorgeous if the war should be over in a month or two? – before my leave is due. But there is no use hoping, it will be finished when it is finished. Je suis un philosop[h]e, moi.

I hear that the French are magnificent and it doesn’t surprise me, everybody is great. What does Madame Grassal think of it all? Has leave been stopped with the French?

Larry is very silly if he comes up here. It is a thousand times better than Rouen but Larry is a crock, flat footed and rheumatic and, although it is a bed of roses here, still a man must be in possession of hands and feet and more especially feet. I don’t know what he is [sic] in his mind re Hod, certainly H. is a drinking divil but I know no worse of him. But the world moves apace and L. may know something. I know that when I left Hod was still engaged to the girl in Moose Jaw.

But what has all this to do with us? What I want to tell you is that there is only one girl in the world and that I, who write to her am madly in love with her. I am you know, Dear, I worship you today with every bit of me. And I shall always love you as long as time shall last and longer.

            Your own



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