Original Letter


                                                                  4th April, 1918


My Own Dearest:-

Last night I stayed in a very disconsolate sort of place sans blanket, pas de feu and sleep was hard to catch. But we moved this morning into a bijou residence. It is the neatest little room we’ve been in. Do you remember the half round effect place I wrote you of once? Well this is the same lodge but larger longer, and it is whitewashed inside and has a real floor of boards and the daintiest little stove with stove pipes and the stove draws and does not smoke – an accomplished, virtuous sort of a stove. And there is a sensible sort of table and shelves one in each corner and a desk for a typewriter. But the pièce de résistance is the bed. It is a cot but a glorified cot as wide as a three quarter bed. Formerly the abode of someone of rank and taste I’ll swear. But in such a place as this I could stay for the duration and let Fritz do his worst. Last night I did not get much sleep but to-night – that cot!

The mail will not be in until after eight to-night and I am going to get three or four letters when it comes. I have a high hope to-day, and just from the way my heart is beating I know that I am going to get letters tonight and that you are going to love me a whole lot in them. I am walking on air at the prospect. But even if the mailman should fool me again I shall still feel great because I know that you love me even if I don’t get your letter telling me that you do. And Sweetheart, I love you to-day more than I can tell you, and I want you, more than all the world. I love every bit of you, you angel, I adore you. I am very lonesome for you, Dear, are you going to come soon and take me away with you and keep me for always?

                                                            Your own