Original Letter

                                                            France 5th April 1918


My Own Sweetheart:–

Last night I got two letters and I am wild with delight. good letters they are and just as I knew they would be full of love. I always did know that you were a glorious angel. Everything is going right when I have letters from you.

Do you remember how enthusiastic I was about our quarters yesterday? Well, my Dear, I was too enthusiastic for I had scarcely finished writing when I got orders to shift – into a dugout. I was positively sick, for I am not very fond of dugouts and I did love that little room. But it was no use worrying over it so we moved. And I have been in worse places often than this. It is deep and in some mysterious way appears to be ventilated. There is a bit of a bunk in one corner and we have a big room – for a dugout. So after all its not such a bad move. We brought quite a bit of the Louis Quinze furniture (Lew Armstrong might have made it from its appearance but we call it Louise Quinze for short.

I suppose that you are in Nice long ere this, soaking up good warmth and basking in the heat. I certainly hope that you are. I should have addressed your letters there but I got flurried for a day or so and imagined that Geordie’s leave would be cancelled, and now you will probably be home again before this letter will reach you – At the rate mine get to you the war may be over before you get this.

Everything is very jake with us and Fritz will be very well advised to keep from tangling with the Canadians. That is not just bunk its a certainty. Everyone seems cockier than ever and although the news may be a trifle depressing it has only made our lot keener than ever. I am quite sure that this is his supreme effort and that the end will be very soon. Mais qui sait?

Do you know what I think to-day, Dear? Well, I think that you are just the right size for a Sweetheart and I love you – a lot. I hope that I am not too blunt about it but I’ve been bursting to tell you all night and all day and anyway why shouldn’t I tell you? Probably you suspected it before, you must have for everyone is talking about it. And I have always loved you a lot and always shall. You are the most wonderful baby that ever, ever was and the thought that you, glorious you, loves me just fills me so full of wonder and love that I can’t speak. I want to go to you right now and go straight into your arms and stay there forever. For I do need you, Dear, and I am sure that you need me. With all my love.

                                                            Your very own



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