Original Letter


                                                                  9th April 1918


My Own Beloved:–

I certainly got two grand surprises to-day – the news that you were on your way to Nice and my parcel. There never was such a parcel – it teems with good solid eats and the right kind of eats – the two boxes of the fis’ I love! its a wonderful parcel and the towels! We had our first picnic out of it last night and gobbled the tomatoes and one box of harengs and my Dear they were delicious. That is by far the best parcel I have ever seen and three of us Turk, Bobbie and your mari blessed you repeatedly. There is class and distinction to a parcel comme ça. You sweetheart you are the grandest! And there are several good meals and Business Men’s lunches yet in store! I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, Dear, not only the parcel but your thoughtfulness.

Isn’t it glorious that you are actually getting away on your holiday. Of course Geordie will meet you it was absurd of me to think that leave would be stopped for nurses. Things were happening so quickly at the time I wrote that that I got stampeded a bit. Even if she couldn’t have got away you could go and have a good trip without her but all I could see was a vision of those projectiles from the long Fritz gun tumbling into Paris. Turkey tells me that a few of them fell near the Gare de l’Est but you leave from our old friend near the Bastille, don’t you?

And she did write me when she was on the train! There is no use talking you are just the best ever and I adore you. But you are not to let writing interfere with your holiday in any way. Your letter written on the train – the 4th  has outdistanced those of the 2nd and 3rd. Its a raw shame that I never addressed my letters to you to Nice but there – I have told you my excuse. You will probably be home by the 18th or 19th won’t you. I hope, Sweetheart that you have the very best time that ever was – the best holiday that you ever had and I am sure you will have. The change alone will do you a world of good and I know that you need a rest.

We do another little move to-day – these be strenuous times – and I have to pack up in a few minutes. Before I go though I want to tell you that I adore you today, mon ange. I love you and want you Dearest, as nobody ever loved or wanted before. I want to take you in my arms and just keep you there – forever.