Original Letter


                        15th April, 1918

My Own Dearest:–

I am absolutely ashamed (I am hanging my head) of the paper and envelopes I find myself obliged to use any more but quoi faire? About to-morrow I reckon we should be making a move in the right direction and I swear that I shall buy me a piece of writing paper and enough envelopes to finish this maudite guerre.

I did get your letter tonight – the one written after the exodus of les Batchelors – and I could actually hear your sighs of relief. Women, en masse, are a disturbing element, aren’t they. I have only known one exception to the rule and of course you are different anyway. You are the only one there ever has been. I hate a crowd myself. There is not much friction, though, in a crowd of soldiers – because they have too much else to think about, I suppose and are always busy.

Do you remember the book I told you Turkey was going to get? “Under Fire”. I had it loaned to me today and, My Dear, its weird. Its supposed to be written by a French Private and he tells the tale of war well. He spares no detail but tears away the pain and pomp and leaves only the truth. He brings out lots of things that are obvious but that make one gasp when they are pointed out and dilated on. It should be translated into every language and made a compulsory part of every childs education. For as he says in his book, “Man is a great forgetting-machine” and so long as the memory of this war is fresh in the minds of those who were actually engaged in it, who suffered mentally and physically and who saw the actual devastation caused by war, that [sic] there will not be another. But afterwards – the new generation will have forgotten and probably it will be the same old story again. It’s a strong book but very gruesome.

What is Bolo telling? I only saw a paper telling that his execution had been postponed as he was going to tell lots of things but divile the thing have I seen since.

The Bosche is putting up a very strong front these days but the bigger they are the harder they fall and we have every reason to be confident. One day this summer we are going to [be] walking around telling each other that we are glad its over. Foch is a very wise bird and I am sure that anyone is foolish to worry with him on the job.

Wasn’t that too glorious a dream you had? If I could dream dreams like that I would never waken up. I’d take drugs – stop at nothing to stay sleep. Deux fois! It was great: There will be a day when some dreams will come true and I am positive that one of the first to come will be that one of yours.

I love you a lot, Dear, I worship you. You are my own wonderful woman and you are always in my thoughts – you are my thoughts. And I just want to be taken in your arms and wonder what the answer will be.

            Your own Ross