Original Letter


                        18th April ’18


My Own Sweetheart:–

Comment vous portez-vous, ce soir, mon ange? I know that I should write that in the singular, but I am sure that I could not get it right “Tu porte-tu”? No. Well anyway. Now, My Dear, perhaps you will be good enough to explain how come I again no letter get today. The situation is pas brilliant de tout. There must be a lot of letters in tomorrows mail for me. I’m pulling hard for some anyway.

I am having a cynch here and am not making work for myself either, just making the most of the chance for a rest. I have got my weekly creosoling done to-day and sans blague, I think that I wasn’t a minute too soon. A certain amount of itchiness is bound to be caused by the dust and dirt one gets in ones clothes – a certain amount but when one becomes aware of an insistent, incessant kind of a desire to scratch, well, as I say I don’t reckon I creosoled too soon. Tomorrow the Sergeant Major and I are going out to the Transport Lines for a bath – its a glorious prospect.

What have you been doing all day besides loving me Sweetheart? Playing about and being a blessing, I suppose. Were you a blessing to-day, Dear? I am sure you were. Do you know something, Maidie. I am absolutely head over heels in love with you. I am just bouncing up and down with it. I cannot possibly see how I manage to go calmly on from day to day away from you when every second of my time is spent in longing to be with you. And will you tell me where is the common sense in my staying here when I only want to be with you. I could leave this place without a single pang and yet here I stay. I want to be with you every minute of my life – its a crazy topsy turvy world. I think the best thing to do Dear, is to come and take me away and keep. In a few days – ninety and nine to be exact – I am coming to you and I am not coming back – of course the war will be over by then – there is every promise of it now – it will be over and Fritz will be wondering what hit him. Maidie I love every bit of you and my arms ache to take you. You are the most bestest Sweetheart the world has ever known. You are my own baby.

            Your mari