Original Letter


                        22nd April 1918


My Own Dearest:–

I feel mighty good today for reasons I’ll relate. For the last few days I’ve had indigestion and all the attendant miseries. Right away I went on a hot water hunt and have succeeded in chasing it. The eau chaude and a beautiful sleep last night put a tin hat on friend stomach. A hefty appetite and next door to no exercise soon put me on the blink but its not often we are as long in one place as this time. At the same time I could easily avoid any trouble by taking a drink of hot water occasionally – every two or three days.

I have been looking through a French magazine got out by the 1st B.C. Regiment. There are some amusing things in it and I am sending it on to you. The Frontispiece is especially good be sure and look at it closely. And on the last page there are some statistics that are funny. Lots of funny things are said here – one hears them on every side  but they are elusive and when sometimes I try to recall them to tell you I find that they are hard to tell that the look of the man who said something funny was probably what made it seem amusing. We have one man who says that he is using a lot of influence to secure a job in the WAAC’s bath house. Another is being transferred to the Chinese Labour levy – charmed by an elder brother – there is always something to laugh at but its hard to write it.

There is only one thing easy to write about and that I take a real interest in and that is the best and biggest thing in the world – our love. And my love for you is getting bigger every day and as for loving you half as much as you love me – well if its true its great – but it couldn’t be. For I love you always, Dear, nothing ever puts you out of my thoughts for a second, you are all my life Sweetheart and you have made it a glorious life. I cherish the thoughts of every second I have ever spent with you and gloat over them for they were perfect and they couldn’t be otherwise. For you know Dearest, that you are perfect. I love you Maidie. Your own Ross