Original Letter


                        (In Kent, I think)

                                    May 14th 1918

My Own Maidie:–

It is hard to realise that there is a war on from where I sit at present. Never was lot cast in pleasanter place. The view from my window, which admits light and fresh air into one of the rooms on the top storey of the Metropole Hotel, consists of the Promenade – in the immediate foreground – and beyond that a little bit of beach and all the rest is the English Channel. And by craning a little I can see the fringe of the town and a strip of country – nice, cool green country including a promising bit of woods. My Dear, its a picture. Its pretty hard to grasp the fact that its true we are really here away from the thousand and one petty discomforts we enjoyed over there. Tommy Morrison, who shares my room, is absolutely intoxicated and still talks in whispers over it all. Today – this forenoon – we drilled. Got up at six, and had P.T. from 6.30 to 7.00, breakfast at 7.45 and steady drill from 8.45 to 12.30. The pace is fast and my legs are reasonably sore but its great. We only wear belt and bayonet – just a moment now, Baddie, and regular clothes but the belt is blanko-ed to a degree and the bayonet and all the brass is shined, one can conceive. Jimmie Graham is here and lots of others I know. Jimmie Brunton who used to be in Rouen and about seventeen N.C.O.s from the 50th some who came over last January too late for that course and have been waiting in Bramshott ever since. Pretty great luck for them.

Of course, I wouldn’t dare let myself get discontented but I am very anxious to know your plans. Another couple of days at the most should see communication re-established and I am croaking to know what you are going to say about my latest piece of desertion, flying off and leaving you in France – to come tramping after me. Sweetheart, what are you going to say. Anyway although I am thoroughly scared I have my plans made. When you get here and start telling me off I shall smother you with kisses so unless you want to be completely suffocated, you had better not say too much to me. Darling Maidie, I worship you every minute and I want you.

Will it be long until you can be here? I live only for the moment you arrive, Angel.

            with all my love Your own Ross


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