Original Letter

            France, 12th Sept. 1918


My Own:–

The first leg of our journey is over and it is now the afternoon of the second day — and I don’t like it. And no more does Tommy. Coming over yesterday it was windy and rainy and the boat did some very clever things in the way of rolling and pitching. But by sitting in one place – out on the deck in the wind and rain – all of the way, I managed to land in France with Mr Thackerays two fried and his ham still well in my stomach. Lots didn’t.

I am most anxious for your news, Honey pale, and have been trying to follow your movements since the tram left Victoria. By the way I never reported to anyone for that duty yet and nobody seems to mind any.

We got here well after dark last night – our bedrolls did not arrive until this morning. We slept in tents with floors and had plenty of blankets. It rained la flotte all night but not a drop came in. Of course I slept badly. I think we will go on tomorrow or Saturday.

Sweetheart, do you know that I adore you? Just as soon as I leave you I am lost no good to myself or anyone else until I get to you again. Tommy and Wright adored that afternoon at the Thackeray and both agree that it was the most pleasant experience in England. You charm everyone you sweetheart, don’t you?

I am going out in a few minutes to try and find Rezin – if I succeed I shall get Lee’s address and write her.

Dearest of Maidies I love you, the world to me is you, you are everything and everybody. You are my own wonderful angel et je t’aime beaucoup.

            Your own