Original Letter



My Own Dearest;

Two good letters I did draw today, two lovely letters from my Sweetheart, and I am a proud and happy man in consequence. Your letters, Dear – well there is just something about them and that is everything – I need no other stimulant.

To-day has been fine but quite froid and I keep my sweater well on – my heavy one. We are getting settled and comfortable. We got a tent up and our bed rolls turned up. Last night I got into bed at 8.30, went to sleep in about three minutes and never did waken until 6.30 this morning! Never wakened – it has never happened before when I was sleeping alone. Back here existence is well ordered, regular and good meals, regular hours and all possible comforts – long may it last.

The news we get seems to be good and everyone is quite elated. But I think the Bosche is far from beaten yet although several dangerous fangs have been removed. Just the same this winter, if the weather isn’t too shocking should bring his story to a finish.

I am awfully glad that you like Wax’s girl. She must be a real girl if you approve of her. I am very anxious to see her and Wax too. Its funny – and very surprising.

Imagine the dear little honey pale buying each of us a present! You are a wonderful baby and thoughtful withal. You are always doing the nicest thing aren’t you? No, replied she, but I wish I were. Now ’Awkins, no smut.

I wonder if you will be able to get a line on Tommy and Wright. If you can, I know that they would be awfully glad to see you and you could correct the omission you omitted at Victoria Station. I know Tommy would love it. If he ever dared didn’t! I will probably be able to let you know in a day or so where they are.

Dearest, I haven’t told you yet how much I love you today and its all thats in my mind. I adore you as much as yesterday and even then I cannot love you enough. For you know that although I love you as much as I can I want to love you far more – to completely envelop you and sweep you away in a sea of love. Do you love me like that, Dearest? With all my love and kisses beaucoup