Original Letter



My Own Maidie:–

I am putting on considerable swank ­– you will note with my fountain pen – ye ken its borrowed.

Got a letter you see today therefore feel elated quite a lot but as a matter of fact I have not had much time to brood over things – there is such a rush. The companies are seperated [sic] again and it makes for beaucoup work.

I am awfully glad that you are enjoying yourself at the Thompsons. I was afraid that you would find it very dull there. I can imagine though that with Dad in form there will be plenty of amusement. It’s a good graft Wax’s girl playing the piano.

We moved today just across the way and I have a roof over my head and a bunk also a real table to write on. Before we were in a gun pit and it was open to the four winds and the four winds have been as chilly as blazes. Did I mention a man named Foxen who was at the Reserve – he used to be in the Bay Corps in Rouen? Anyway, he is here with us in “D” Coy – came a few days ago as a reinforcement. He is quite funny.

Have I told you that I adore you to-day Dearest? If you think that I have been doing anything else but love you well you are wrong c’est tout. All day long I have been just adoring you – full of it. Its really the only thing I put any thought on Sweetheart, is loving you – the other things are petty and do not amount to anything. The only thing that matters is that you love me and I love you. The curse is that we are apart but that won’t be for long. I love you my Maidie, with a passion, and I want you to take me in your arms. Away from all this and from every one – its the dream of my life to have you all to myself for always – and soon.            Your own Ross


Rouen: Rouen: Rouen: Rouen: Rouen: