Original Letter


My Own Dearest:-

Its black night after ten o’clock and I’m behind with my letter. According to syllabus there is no training in the afternoon and on the face of it our afternoons are our own. As a matter of fact the officers have a class under the C.O. – belt, bayonets and sidearms – in drill – mutual instruction which accounts for two hours. I got “Pelearms” [?] to detail and it must have been good. Then when we got through I – as company orderly officer for today  had to go to the kitchen and see the company fed. Then to inspect the guard and then home to dinner. After dinner Charley Holmes came over and he has just gone. We had so many interruptions that it spoiled our evening. Chas is just the same good scout and we enjoy each other. He had a letter from Tommy who is at #7 Hospital Streatham Hall, Exeter, Devon. Tommy had heard that I was wounded and wanted Charlie to let him know where I was. Tommy appears to be enjoying life and writes that he was about the first man wounded. Got it just after the kick-off on the 27th. His mother is down with his sister who lives very close to where Tommy is.

Tomorrow I am going to write just after lunch – I cannot write properly late at night – for one thing I have to get up too early to stay up late but the chief reason is that I am too sleepy to think of the things I want to tell you. The only thing I can think of now is that I adore you and just yearn to be in your arms. I am not happy away from you Dearest, and thats all there is to it. I just live for the time when we will be together again for always – and from the way things are going now it won’t be long. Au revoir my own Sweetheart qui je aime. Ross